Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Music is very important in my life.  I have always been surrounded by it, played it, belonged to bands that performed it, and basically let it soak in and wash over me on a regular basis.  My life is better because of music.  I was fortunate to begin my musical life when I was young, as I wish all people could.  

This is me, singing "Don't Fence Me In" at the school talent show when I was in kindergarten.

My children love it too and are now lucky to be able to make music every day. The Seattle Public Schools  try to provide music opportunities for kids and have a number of great ensembles.  But like most other arts programs in schools across the nation, the music programs are in need of financial support to purchase essential supplies like instruments and sheet music, and to allow students an opportunity to refine and showcase their talents through performance and competition. We donate a portion of the proceeds from this soap to help support music in our public schools.

The theme (and name) for this soap was inspired by the Jazz standard that's been performed by so many great musicians over the years.  Billie Holiday's version is the one that I've listened to the most, though there are many other beautiful renditions like the one done by Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennet. It's an elegant and smooth piece of music that I hanker for, especially this time of year, when  the air is crisp and I just want to slip into the sound like a warm bubble bath.

The scent of Body & Soul Soap comes from a complex mixture of essential oils that include rosemary, lavender & petitgrain oils.  The subtle green color comes from French green clay and the rich lather is complimented by moisturizing shea butter. It's a really nice soap.  I had fun writing the text for the insert card too.  It reads: This smooth, groovin’ soap was inspired by the soulful sounds of jazz greats like Billie, Louis, Ella & Chet. It’s a fusion of natural ingredients, with a subtle, layered scent. Let it wash over you, because soap cleanses the body like music cleanses the soul. 

It makes a great gift for a music lover or band director and helps to support the next generation of musicians.

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