Our Shop Will Be Open Saturday July 22nd from noon-5pm

So, if you're here reading this post, you have discovered that we have made some changes on our website.  We have a whole new online shop platform that is easier to search, works well on a smartphone, and is integrated with our blog.  I'm loving the changes!

One of the things that I have been wanting to improve for a while is customers access to information about our products, and feedback from existing customers. To that end, I've decided to add more descriptions on each product page.  Since I created all of the products myself and literally am surrounded by them all the time, I am not the most impartial person when it comes to describing them.  

I need official product testers and scent smellers!

So...I am running a contest.  Participants must be interested in receiving (free!) three soaps, one lotion bar and one lip balm; and then must be willing to write a very brief description of each.  I will include these descriptions on each product page of the new website.  I hope that it will help customers who are not able to smell and experience the products in person to make the best purchasing decisions that they can.

To enter: leave a comment below describing a scent that you remember from childhood (either good or bad) and why it sticks in your memory.  I will randomly choose 5 people from the list of commenters.  I will leave comments open until february 15th.

Please spread the word!  


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