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Around here, we've got a brief lull between back-to-school excitement and the frenzy of the holidays. We decided to take a weekend away despite the tens of To Do items on our list -- enforced relaxation, if you will.

Some of us took to it pretty well!

Seattleites are lucky enough to be only a short drive and ferry ride away from Orcas Island where madrona trees and lodgepole pines line the shore.

Though the forecast predicted rain, the island seemed like a perfect quick escape, especially since the summer crowds have left.

My crazy kid waded in October-temperatured water as the rain fell.

A nervous deer and a fun mushroom were subject to photoshoots.

We spent lots and lots of time just watching the water -- and enjoying the surprise hours of bright sun between showers.

We could have had a breather without a weekend-long lull or a serene destination, of course. That's what I need to keep as a memento from our trip.

Whenever there are some moments to spare, enjoy a book . . .


or watch the clouds . . .


and take a breath.

Just pause every now and again. And we'll try to remember to do the same!

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