Solid Lotions

Solid Lotions

I started making some new products a couple of months ago that my customers and I are really enjoying.  The new items are solid lotion bars and sticks for moisturizing the skin.  At a recent craft fair, the responses from people who saw them were about evenly divided between folks who knew what they were and were elated to see that I now carry them, and people who I needed to explain the whole concept to in great detail.  Since so many people have never heard of solid lotion bars, or understand their advantages, I thought I'd do a little educating...

The solid lotion bars are simply a mixture of nourishing oils, beeswax, moisturizing butters, and sometimes essential oils for scent.  There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients in them.  Compared to liquid lotions, they are very concentrated and compact (most liquid lotions are 70%-80% water).  The warmth from your skin softens the bar just enough to make it glide easily over your skin and layer everything with the moisturizing ingredients, which soak in within a few seconds.  The effect is not greasy because I have chosen oils that absorb quickly and are light, but very high in nutrients.  A little goes along way and a small lotion bar can last for months with regular use. 

solid lotion bar sweet almond beeswax shea butter

The round Happy Hand Lotion Bars come in a small tin.  To use them, you just pop the little cake of lotion out of the tin and rub it on your hands, legs, elbows, or wherever your skin needs some extra TLC.  These bars all are scented with natural essential oils and smell great.  They're also really great for slipping into a purse or desk at work because they don't take up much space and won't accidentally get spilled like a liquid lotion might.  The lids on tins I use are screw-on, so that they won't pop off in your purse either.  Handy.

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