Refill Soap Bars

    Welcome to Seattle Sundries' Refill Bars Wonderland! Prepare to be swept away by our enchanting collection of handcrafted soaps, designed to delight your senses and pamper your skin. From the luxurious lather of Filthy Rich Shave Soap to the invigorating scent of Sunrise Soap, our refill bars and bare bars will leave you craving more!

    Dive into our soap-tacular world and indulge in a soap subscription that keeps the good times rolling. 🔄 Subscribe & save, and never miss out on your favorite fragrances. Our eco-friendly, refillable bars are here to make your life easier, cleaner, and oh-so-fresh! 

    Don't let the suds stop – visit Seattle Sundries' Refill Bars collection now and embark on a journey of soap-filled bliss!

    Shopping Saturdays

    Visit our Seattle workshop to browse in person on Saturdays between noon-6pm.

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