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    Seattle Sundries' Friends & Family collection is a treasure trove of distinctive, handcrafted soaps, skincare, & gifts. Made with premium natural ingredients, our products are an embodiment of Pacific Northwest craftsmanship and creativity. Whether it's the unique Slap Shot, the adventurous Road Trip, or the intriguing Sasquatch soap, each item is both fun and functional. Everything we create here, from our skincare lines to our totes and mugs, celebrates the authentic and original. Dive in, browse around, and discover how high quality meets low-waste, sustainable living with Seattle Sundries!


    Are you a seasoned gifter with a penchant for the creative? Join the Seattle Sundries family. Subscribe & Save on our quality, natural ingredient products that reflect your taste and lifestyle. No fuss, just good old pacific northwest vibes and enduring authenticity at your doorstep!