About Us


We make soap. Plus a few other things…but we started with soap.

It’s really nice soap and we're very proud of it.

It’s important to us to use ingredients that are good for your skin and not bad for the environment. And it smells nice.

We like creating and making things ourselves…always have. We think more people should try to do that. We also like making art & music, and cooking food, and keeping bees, and raising kids. Soap is good to have on hand with all of those endeavors.

We want folks to like our soap and enjoy using it themselves, as well as gift it to other people. So, we try to make it interesting, unusual, and sometimes funny. There should be lots of things in life that give you a good chuckle. Soap can be one of those things.

We like where we live and like to talk about how great it is to be here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re proud of our home and sometimes brag on it a little.

We have other important things going on besides making soap, and sometimes we like to share about those, too.

We hope you join us on the journey!