About Us

Anne in workshop

I started with soap. Over 30 years ago I decided it would be an adventure to learn how to make something familiar yet mysterious, and indispensable for everyday life: soap. I learned about the chemistry of the process, the character of the ingredients, and got hooked on the artistry of the finished product. In the beginning I made it for family and friends who loved my creations and wanted more.

It made me realize how much an item as unassuming as soap can bring joy to every person, every day. Like a great cup of coffee or the perfect playlist, soap is something that you don’t always stop to ponder but influences your day in significant ways. 

At Seattle Sundries, we create carefully, using simple, sustainable, natural ingredients that smell spectacular and work wonders on your skin. We pour our years of experience into refining our recipes and maximizing the performance of our products. Then we wrap all that goodness in the best package possible. Our original art and the character of our creations make them as unique as the people who use them. Lots of things in life should make you smile or spark a belly laugh. Making products that do that is part of our mission.

This mission is grounded in our home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. All of our creations, from our hallmark soaps and lotions to our lighthearted coffee mugs and book bags, celebrate the people of Cascadia and the culture that we contribute to life in America.

Anne Sylte Bloom~Founder, Soapmaker, Artist