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Seattle Sundries is AWESOME! :-D

I received a bar of Seattle Sundries "Roadtrip" soap as a Christmas stocking stuffer, because it had a VW Bus on the packaging, and I have a VW Bus. I figured I'd try it, why not. And I LOVED IT! Seriously, I'm not a "soap guy"...I'll use whatever is in the shower...but this stuff smelled SO good that it's now my mainstay. It lasts a good while, it suds up nice, and I just love the scent. Makes the whole bathroom smell great! I ordered a few more bars from Amazon and started getting a collection of the little metal tins the bars come in. I felt bad about tossing them out, they're nice metal tins, and asked the folks if they might want them back. (save 'em a few bucks on ordering more) Brit replied and said they don't reuse them for the soaps, but she keeps stamps in hers and her husband keeps guitar picks in some. I do too! :-p She then gave me a link to where I could buy the soap directly as "refills" and not have to pay additional for the metal tins. (and their prices were great to begin with) So that's what I do now. (And Brit even sent a sample of another soap with my order, and a guitar pick hehe!) I've since ordered another Road Trip soap to last me about 2 months, and when that's gone, I'll order more! You gotta try it! :-D

We're delighted that our soap has found a home with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It seriously made our whole week. :-)

First time using a shaving soap. Great lather. Really like the scent

Bestowance of Grand Memories

Keep up the Unique Stuff. Great Eye. I grew up in Ballard and miss it.

I’ve yet to use the shave soap, but the company was VERY pleasant, personable and timely.
They put special, hand-made care into each product and delivery.

Bitchin Kitchen it is!

Master Class soap for any room. Outstanding formula.

Super fast shipping!!

Very moisturizing lip balms

This set of lip balms works really well to combat my dry peeling lips and keep those problems from continuing to happen. I am very happy with my purchase.

Best soap bar I've had

Best soap bar I've had for shaving yet!

Naughty Nellie Soap
Banesa M.
Great soap

Great soap

We love this soap! So

We love this soap! So good! Very good lather and scent, but also does not affect my sensitive skin.

Gentlest ever

Perfect purest soap ever. Love it

Delicious scent!

Delicious scent!

Great lather

Great lather

Smooth and buttery shaving experience

I've tried other shave soaps, and Seattle Sundries is better. So smooth and rich. Love it!

Excellent product

Excellent product, my skin loves it!

Just okay

With no sense of smell I won't comment on the scent. However, compared to Colonel Conk shaving soap, the SS soap doesn't create as much foam and the foam doesn't last as long.

Thanks for your feedback! The Smooth Shave Soap is our vegan-all vegetable shave soap, which is made with a high percentage of olive oil. This makes it very mild and great for sensitive skin, but does not produce the same robust lather as the tallow-based bars.

Good, doesn't dry out skin as much but....

I like this soap but my soap looks like they took a shave soap sample that was made first then put it in a bigger mold and then poured more soap around it to make a bigger one. So, when using it, I essentially have a donut now because the middle came out and the outer ring broke. So, I have exotic escapade pieces of soap....

Alwys good for someone

Alwys good for someone

Excellent product, will reorder again

Excellent product, will reorder again Ken Brown

Cowpoke Soap
Kristen M.
Love the light scent. Makes

Love the light scent. Makes my skin soft. Great lather. All around awesome soap!

Best Kitchen Soap EVER

This soap is great! Peeling onions? Garlic? Use this afterwards and ypur hands are and smell clean and fresh. As a heavy coffee drinker, I was delighted to find there's a use for the grounds!

Steven McAfee

Great shaving soap, good lotion, good smell, last long time

I love this bag

this bag is great! It is the second one I bought, due to great size, quality, and customer service.

Manly Man Soap
Angelia M.
Smells Great

Smells great and I love the tin it comes in.

Gift Tin
Gift tin is great. I

Gift tin is great. I love your soap.