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Bought it for my husband as a gag Christmas gift and he actually loves it!! Will be ordering more soon it smells GREAT and my manly man loves it!! ~ Petra 

Great manly scent. Love that it came in a travel tin. My son is a firefighter and does the 24 on shift at the station. Nifty way to keep his soap fresh for the next use. ~ Cindy

My daughter loves this soap! She has very sensitive skin and this works great for her! This is my 2nd tin for her and anticipate regular replacement. The tins are great for re-use afterwards! ~ D

For X-Mas, I bought this for both my bros, & bro-in-law. My sister informed me, her husband takes it to work, making sure she doesn't use it. Both bros mentioned they love it, asking where I got it. My husband became jealous, that I didn't get him any, so, gave him some for V-day. It smells like vintage leather, with a hint of the manliest kind of lemon, to me. Love it! Will def try other scents! ~ Brandi
Very nice lip balm! Smells wonderful, especially the tangerine/orange. I got these to replace the EOS that broke my lips out repeatedly. I don't have to reapply hourly, once in the morning, after meals and once before bed. ~ R
I was putting together a gardening basket for an auction and thought this would be the perfect addition. When it arrived I was right on - I love the label, that it is all natural, and the gift tin is the perfect addition to my themed basket. Now that Spring is here I love the floral scent that the soap has - it is perfect - not too flowery or fruity. The person that gets my basket will be lucky to have this soap! ~ K
My step dad..a stinky hockey player..loved it. And he's thinks he's so cool now. Probably the best gift ever. ~ jaime

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! great packaging, soap smells nice, husband got a kick out of it! makes a great gift for any Manly Man! cute label on the outside AND one on the inside! great! ~ Lisa

This soap smells great and my boyfriend loved it. He uses it everyday and it has a long lasting smell that is sort of like putting on cologne, it's not over baring either. My boyfriend also has sensitive skin and this being 100% natural he's run in to no problems thankfully! ~ Amber

I got this because it mad me laugh...but it turns out its really nice soap. Once you get used to using Artisan soap you'll never want to use anything else. This stuff doesn't dry out your skin like allot of other soaps and it lasts a long time. I mainly use this as a pre shave, and apply with a badger brush. If your going to use to wash your hands you'll need to get a soap holder because its hard to get out of the tin after a few uses. ~ Michael