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    Wet Shaving, Done Right

    At Seattle Sundries, we believe quality and convenience should never be a trade-off. That's why we offer our premium collection of wet shave supplies, meticulously handcrafted and loaded with natural ingredients. As fervent supporters of classic shaving, we proudly present our Filthy Rich Shave Soap, Smooth Shave Soap, and Old School Shave Soap - each with it's own natural scent and moisturizing lather.

    Turn your shaving routine into a sublime ritual with our silvertip badger shaving brush set, a compact and low waste solution to quality shaving when on the move. Our finely crafted travel shaving kit reflects our dedication to quality, a commitment you'll experience with every swipe of your shaving soap bar. Upgrade your skincare routine with Seattle Sundries and transform it into an natural sensory delight.

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