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Seattle Sundries is a proud Pacific Northwest maker of distinctive handcrafted soaps and skincare products. We produce in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle using all natural ingredients and reusable, recyclable packaging. Our products each have a unique personality and appeal to people with a wide range on interests, scent preferences and senses of humor. We have something for just about everyone.

Our company was founded in 2004 by Anne Sylte Bloom, a North Idaho native who moved to Seattle in 1992. The recipes and scent blends for all our products were created by her, in addition to the original label artwork and the stories that introduce each product. Her blog is a good window into the past and present of Seattle Sundries. As Anne explains on our website "

We make soap. Plus a few other things…but we started with soap.

It’s really nice soap and we're very proud of it.

It’s important to us to use ingredients that are good for your skin and not bad for the environment. And it smells nice.

We like creating and making things ourselves. We always have. We think more people should try to do that. We also like making art & music, and cooking food, and keeping bees, and raising kids. Soap is good to have on hand with all of those endeavors.

We want folks to like our soap and enjoy using it themselves, as well as gift it to other people. So we try to make it interesting, unusual, and sometimes funny. There should be lots of things in life that give you a good chuckle. Soap can be one of those things.

We like where we live and like to talk about how great it is to be here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re proud of our home and sometimes brag on it a little.

We have other important things going on besides making soap, and sometimes we like to share about those, too.

Our shop in Ballard is where all of our products are made by hand, in small batches. We don't currently offer regular retail hours, but we hope to expand our space and be more available to shoppers in person, in the near future. 

We have customers in all 50 states, Canada, Europe and Asia. We started selling on Etsy in 2008, on our own website starting in 2009, and have been successful Amazon merchants since 2011. We offer wholesale to a number of retailers in the region and have created products for the Pike Brewery, Space Needle, and Luly Yang.

We look forward to connecting with more customers, creating new products, and representing the PNW the best we can! 




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  • We use the traditional cold process soapmaking method.
  • We make bath soaps, hand soaps, shave soaps, solid lotion bars, & lip balms; as well as magnets, shopping totes and t-shirts.
  • All ingredients are natural. We use 100% essential oils for scent, pure beeswax, and food-grade oils.
  • Our scent blends are unique and were created specifically for each product. They feature the nuanced smells of the plants that created them, without the overpowering aroma of synthetic fragrance.
  • We use as little plastic as possible, opting instead for reusable and recyclable tins and muslin gift bags.
  • Our original artwork is also available on cotton shopping totes, t-shirts, and sturdy magnets.
  • Our pricing ranges from $2.50 for magnets to $9.50 for soaps, and $58.00 for shave sets.
  • We also are available to create custom soaps for corporate clients or special events.




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