Natural Soaps in Tins

    Biodegradable Soap Bars

    In a world filled with factory-produced sameness, the soap makers at Seattle Sundries champion the ingenious, the distinct, and the adventurous. Our handmade bath and body bar soaps are not just bathroom essentials, they're conversation pieces – a round of applause to individuality and fun.

    Crafted with care, our best smelling bar soaps challenge the status quo of corporate 'meh', embracing instead the spirit of craft and community. Each moisturizing bar soap is a small treasure, nestled in a charming, reusable tin, making it a great gift or swag bag idea that reflects your commitment to the finer details in life. Discover the unique union of originality, craftsmanship, and sustainability that makes our simple soaps stand out from the crowd. They’re more than just bath soap—they tell a story.

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    Visit our Seattle workshop to browse in person on Saturdays between noon-6pm.

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