A Journey of Suds, Scents & Friendship

Seattle Sundries

We prepared to talk to long-time customer Julie about her favorite Seattle Sundries Soaps, how she feels about their lathering capabilities, and her opinion about the product packaging. But we got something a little extra when the conversation took an informal turn and that’s when we learned about the true history of this “mom and pop” soap company from Seattle.

It turns out that Julie is an original connoisseur of Seattle Sundries soaps.  In fact, she was hooked on Seattle Sundries soaps before there even was a Seattle Sundries! Julie met Anne, the creator of Seattle Sundries, through a mom's group that they were in. "We would go to Anne's house for these mom's group meetings, and her house would smell just glorious, because she would be making these soaps," reminisces Julie. "She was hand making soap in her kitchen," recalls Julie, who felt quite lucky that Anne would often send her and other friends home with loose ends from her burgeoning soap-making experiments. "And that's how I kind of got hooked on her products," laughs Julie.

And Julie's been using Anne's soaps ever since! From the beginning of Anne’s soap-making journey when all-natural, embracingly wonderfully scented soap was just an idea, brewing in Anne’s left brain, to the present, full-fledged legit business with an actual storefront in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Julie has been there from the beginning and has just about tried over 15 varieties of our soap, and many other Seattle Sundries products, including the lip balms, and our solid lotions.

Recent favorite? "I do love Gardner's Gold, but I like Fish Tale a lot too," says Julie. "It has just a little bit of the loofah in it, which is really nice, and the smells are just amazing. All of her soaps are amazing!"

What about her all-time go-to favorite, can't live without soap? "It would be Body and Soul", says Julie. "I just love the scent. It's just saturated all the way through, so even when you have a little nub of soap left in your shower, it still smells great." 

So, Julie's tried just about all of our soaps and products. What would she were gifting to someone, what would she choose? "I've kind of over gifted the soaps to be honest," Julie laughs. "So I'm on a new kick now, and I'm giving Smooch Sticks, lotion bars and shave soap more than I'm giving soap," she adds. "Just because it's new for my loved ones, and I love them too." Her go-to lip balm at the moment?  "I've got the lavender & lemon lip balm in my hands right now. It's great, and it lasts forever. It's not greasy, and not too waxy. The balance is really great. Love, love. Love it!"

Julie's journey with our soaps has come a long way. From heavenly soap aromas wafting out of Anne's kitchen to Julie now being able to order our soaps online whenever she needs, from wherever. Julie’s off-the-cuff backstory of Anne and Seattle Sundries’ story is fresh! It’s a story with a beginning and a middle with notes of nostalgia, friendship, and inspiration. Julie’s memories of Seattle Sundries history is a well-scented slice of life! And it's a story to be continued. 

Thanks for sharing and "Talkin' Soap" with us, Julie. 

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