Adding the Seattle Vibe to Your Special Event

Seattle Sundries

Planning a unique and memorable experience for your guests involves getting every detail right, like venue, vibe and the wedding welcome bags or thank you gift bags. Not just any items will do; you need gift bag ideas that reflect the Pacific Northwest’s distinctive charm. Fortunately, Seattle Sundries provides a wide array of Seattle gifts that perfectly capture the spirit of our beloved region.

Seattle Sundries offers handcrafted goods, ranging from fragrant soaps to moisturizing lotion bars, all embodying our Pacific Northwest vibe. These products are not only functional but also artfully designed and environmentally friendly, with low-waste packaging and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Explore our collection to find the best gifts from Seattle for your guests.
Seattle Sundries soap lotion lip balm

Whether your event is one of the many whimsical Seattle events like those touted on the Weddings in Woodinville website, or a corporate retreat seeking that authentic Seattle touch, we have unique items to make your guests feel truly appreciated. And remember, our wholesale and custom options are also available upon request.

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