Meet Moby!

Seattle Sundries

We have welcomed a new team member to the Seattle Sundries crew! This is Moby, our frolicking, fluffy mini Aussie (American Shepherd). He weighs just 9 pounds right now but is growing fast, chasing frisbees, and stealing socks like a pro. 

Moby beach

Moby holding

Moby Lounge



  • Jura Webster

    Hello. I am near the end of my stock pile of your Dirty Dog Soap. I loved using on our Aussie. I was about to order more, and couldn’t find it. Have you discontinued this product?

  • Robert Thomas

    BTW, the “Sasquatch Soap” review letter guy is hilarious! If you guys go Mainstream, (PLEASE stay true and never sell out to “the Man”, though…) you need a spokesman or “Face” of your products, just saying, I want to see a bright future for all of your well appreciated, diligent efforts.

  • Robert Thomas

    Just found “Moby” on your blog site! You guys are SO lucky…I wish I lived closer to you, I’d stop by and visit. Your employees all seem cool, like a big happy family happy to work there generating general Goodness into the world! The Universe surely smiles on your Mission Statement and efforts…

  • Carol F.

    Is this your new ESMO (Executive Stress Management Officer)? He looks like he would easily grow into that responsibility!

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