Mirror mirror, on the wall...

Mirror mirror, on the wall...

I had the opportunity to assemble a bulletin board at school this week to greet students for a new school year and recognize the potential of each person. I had seen some great mirror displays on Pinterest a while ago that came to mind while I was planning, so I decided to take that concept and push it a bit further. 

The original idea had included a catchy phrase that I really liked: "Mirror mirror, on the wall...there's a leader in us all." I knew I wanted to include actual mirrors in the board, but this was for a temporary display in an elementary school hallway, so the mirrors needed to be safely secured to the wall without danger of kids bumping into them and breaking glass. Plus, it needed to cost as close to zero dollars as possible.

mirror tiles

I thought about using aluminum foil instead of real mirrors but you can't see your image at all in foil, and I felt like that was an essential part of the message. Luckily, our local dollar store was selling mirror tiles (meant for candle displays) for $1 each. That was in my price range.

mirror tile & duct tape

I needed to be able to affix the tiles to the wall securely, preferably using staples, so the "frames" needed to be made out of something other than conventional wood or plastic. Duct tape was just what I needed! My daughter helped me tape each tile to a piece of heavy paper, with enough tape attached to each piece of glass to make it secure, then we cut off any extra paper, so that there was a nice clean edge on each frame.

mirror tile & duct tape

I didn't want to buy too many mirrors, plus I wanted to add more color to the display, so I thought that adding some faux mirrors mixed in would spice the display up a bit.


I wanted to take the initial rhyming message further, so I added to it, trying to connect it more to the students I knew would be walking past the display.

Mirror mirror, on the wall… there’s a leader in us all.
The reflection in the mirror shows a person whose wisdom blooms and grows.
My talents, skills, and experience will help to make a difference.
The future is an open book for me to write, so take a look!

 We have a very diverse student population at our school, so I asked the Facebook hive mind to help me translate the rhyme into as many languages as possible. It turned out great and the kids and parents love it!

final mirror displayfinal mirror displayfinal mirror display

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  • Cherie

    Anne, that is a very thoughtful & phenomenal exhibit to do for the new students as well as all the other students in school. Congrats on a super job.

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