Mood Meter Emoji Vocabulary

Seattle Sundries

Here is a free download for a fun Mood Meter vocabulary display for a classroom or counseling center. I used a magnetic white board from Ikea, some colorful adhesive vinyl, and 1" magnets to create a way for students to check in each day. They love  it!

Mood Meter vocabulary emoji magnet board

Mood Meter emoji vocabulary magnet board

Seattle SundriesSeattle SundriesMood Meter Emoji Vocabulary

At Seattle Sundries, we stand firmly with teachers, students, and any initiative that fosters learning, openness, and emotional well-being. Tools like the mood meter provide teachers and even parents with invaluable insights into a child's emotional state, opening avenues for support, dialogue, and understanding in our community. As craftsmen and craftswomen, we are driven by the same spirit of creativity and ingenious inventiveness that inspires projects such as the mood meter. Engaging and innovative educational projects get our full backing, aligning with our commitment to community growth, understanding, and empathy. In a world inundated with fast-paced, impersonal experiences, we believe in the profound difference honesty, real support, and distinctive community-oriented ventures can make. Just like every handcrafted item we produce, each child is unique, and they deserve an authentic, receptive atmosphere to express themselves freely.

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