Which Soap Matches Your Personality?
Talking Soap with Anne

Seattle Sundries

There is something special about a soap that is lovingly handmade, especially when the creator pours an element of their personality into the mix.

But just how akin is Anne to her Seattle Sundries brand? Does she have a Manly Man side with a touch of Bitchin’ Kitchen’? Maybe some of her soaps invoke the things she loves in life, or perhaps they embody some of her talents and hobbies?

Seattle Sundries soaps & lotions are alive with personality but not just Anne’s.  Her inspirations for new soap often come from the people in her life.  Many Seattle Sundries customers say the character of the soap matters to them when deciding which ones to buy for themselves and even more so when purchasing a gift. One person confidently boasted he is a Sasquatch in our recent customer interviews, while another confessed she is a Naughty Nellie. And there is a surprising amount of Cowpokes out there too!

So it was only natural when long-time Sundries Soaps sudser Beth wanted to know which soap represented Anne’s personality most. Seems that Anne's personality leans towards Gardner's Gold, with a streak of Highland Fling!

But Anne explains that while each compact soap tin has some of her in there, some soaps have more Anne than others.

Great question, Beth!

Which of our soaps best matches your personality? We have over a dozen character-packed soaps for you to explore. Discover which one is your Kindred Spirit.

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