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    Browse Seattle Sundries' collections to find the perfect gift for Mom and Dad, where each unique, handcrafted product tells a story. Made from premium natural ingredients and embodying the Pacific Northwest vibe, our creations - from our distinctive soaps and skincare items to our colorful mugs and totes- find the perfect balance between fun and function. Not sure where to start? Try the beloved Slap Shot, Road Trip, or Sasquatch soaps - some of our crowd favorites. We take pride in our community, craftsmanship, and creativity, offering genuine, low-waste, and sustainable gifting solutions. Make your selections and become part of Seattle's unique story.


    Are you a seasoned gifter with a penchant for the creative? Join the Seattle Sundries family. Subscribe & Save on our quality, natural ingredient products that reflect your taste and lifestyle. No fuss, just good old pacific northwest vibes and enduring authenticity at your doorstep!