A Soap for the Pacific Northwest: Don't Smell Like Sasquatch

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Growing up in Idaho, my stepfather was a college literature professor who also had a peculiar fascination with cryptozoology. For those unfamiliar, cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals, often tied to local folklore, such as Ogopogo, the Pend Orielle Paddler, and the notorious Pacific Northwest legend, Sasquatch.

Sasquatch crossing signNow, whether Sasquatch exists or not is a debate for another day, but what's clear is that if they do exist, they're known to be pretty smelly. So in 2005, inspired by the idea that even Sasquatch needs some proper grooming, we came up with the perfect soap just for the occasion: Sasquatch Soap

Designed with the Pacific Northwest vibes in mind, Sasquatch Soap features an all-natural formula. It's infused with woodsy essential oils like tea tree and cedarwood, and protective ingredients like black walnut hull powder that help combat insects and heal scrapes from all those inevitable forest escapades. We were pretty confident that Bigfoot would appreciate our earth-friendly, all-natural approach.
Seattle Sundries
But hey, even if you're not a mythical creature, Sasquatch Soap is worth a try. It's perfect for the average Pacific Northwest adventurer who values that distinct woodsy scent, the properties of tea tree and cedarwood oils, and of course, quality. And who knows, maybe using this soap will help keep the real Sasquatch at bay during your outdoor excursions?

At Seattle Sundries, we pride ourselves on crafting handcrafted goods for people who value quality and genuine personality. Our products, like Sasquatch Soap, are made in the spirit of Pacific Northwest traditions, with low-waste packaging and sustainably-sourced ingredients, appealing to those who prefer to shop local and support small businesses.

So whether you believe in the legend of Sasquatch or not, we've got you covered with the right soap for your next Pacific Northwest adventure. Stay clean, and enjoy the great outdoors!

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