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Winter Solstice Soap

In all the mad hurrying and scurrying to get ready for the holiday sales season, I made a blunder on one batch of soap.  I accidentally added the essential oils from two different varieties to the same batch.  Happily, it turned out to be a lovely mistake.  It's a little...

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Hockey Soap

Probably because of the northern latitudes where I’ve lived, I’ve always preferred the cold-climate sports like skiing and ice skating.  It’s a bit surprising that I never had much of a connection with hockey growing up.  There weren’t any rinks or teams near us in North Idaho, so the sum...

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Body & Soul

Music is very important in my life.  I have always been surrounded by it, played it, belonged to bands that performed it, and basically let it soak in and wash over me on a regular basis.  My life is better because of music.  I was fortunate to begin my musical...

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New Soap Label Art

Introducing the new packaging for Fish Tale Soap, Sasquatch Soap and Lavender Lover Soap! I think these new labels are a just great, don't you?  They're much more eye-popping than the old ones.  I'm so pleased...

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Tough Chick Soap

I have a new One Batch bare bar soap available on the website today.  It's called Tough Chick Soap because it's a mixture of floral, feminine sweetness and rough and tough ground organic oats.  It's scented with fine French lavender essential oil and is made with honey from the Ballard...

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