The Pioneer Woman

Seattle Sundries

It's been quite a weekend! On Friday, my soaps were featured in a lovely post by Ree Drummond on her widely read blog The Pioneer Woman. She is a great writer (very funny), a great photographer, an excellent cook (from what I hear) and an all-around awesome, sassy redhead. She lives with her husband and four spunky children on their working cattle ranch and blogs about their life there. I read her posts regularly myself because I love her writing style and adore her photos of her family and ranch life (this post photo courtesy of Ree). I also enjoy following her blog because I can identify with so many of the images and stories that she posts, having grown up on a ranch myself. She also homeschools her kids. I couldn't go there myself, but I like reading her posts about what they are learning and the whole teaching experience, yet another thing we have in common. Basically, it's a great site worth visiting often...and I'm not just saying that because she likes my soap.

Photo Credit: Ree Drummond

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