Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices

Seattle Sundries

When we go camping in the summer, we like to cook and eat well.  For us, this means being sure that we have all of the spices and seasonings that we would be using if we were at home.  Space is always an issue though, so we try to use compact and easily packable containers for everything.  It occurred to me one day that this...

Seattle Sundries

could easily be turned into this...

Seattle Sundries

repurposed reused travel spice storage DIY camping camper

repurposed reused travel spice storage

Seattle Sundries

I love repurposing containers and the TicTac boxes are perfect for spices when you're on the go.  For us, this usually means camping, but this would also be a great solution for folks who stay in vacation condos with kitchens or motor homes and travel trailers.  So, save 'em if ya got 'em!

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  • Pam m

    I ordered a set of 32 empty Tic Tac boxes from for $11.99, the 1.97” size.

  • Susie Hutson MD

    Where did you get the new labels or what did you use to create them? Thanks!

  • John

    We use 250 ml(845 US fl oz) for our spice jars. Stop at a wholesale place and pick up 1 kg(35.27 oz) at a time for refills. On cannot have enough spices. That’s what we use.

  • Maryann Hardin

    Any Idea where to get the empty boxes?


    Good evening,

    I work on the photo department of the Notre Temps magaziner. We realize a subject on the arrangements of boxes of spices and we spotted one examples of recycling of boxes " Tic Tac " in arrangement of spices. We are very interested in this photo and I would want to know if this photo is available and which the sourceto get back this photo high definition and which are copyright ?

    Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail for any additional information.

    Best Regards.

    Nicole Bouchereau
    Photo department
    33 6 86 8326 86

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