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Butterfly Craft Projects
  So, what can you do with the cool butterfly wings from your Butterfly Smooch Stick favors, once the lip balm tube has been removed for use? Don't throw them away!!  My daughters and I came up with a couple of fun...
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Repurposed Camping Matches Container
Look at the cool little thing that I put together to hold our matches when we go camping!   I got the idea from this blog post, which I think is really cute but sort of impractical for camping because...
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How To: Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots
We repurposed 2 liter bottles and turned them into self-watering planters for starting our tomatoes and cucumbers indoors.  They've been sitting on the window sill near my desk and I've been watching them grow every day.  It's been the perfect antidote for the bummer weather we've been having here in Seattle.
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