The Story Behind the Flying S and How It Inspires Us Today

Seattle Sundries
Hello, legends in-the-making! Ever wondered what had driven our grandfolks to shape the world as we see it today? Well, let me share a story from my own family history that helped shape Seattle Sundries.

Around the tail end of the Dust Bowl years, my grandfather, John Engwald Sylte, traveled through northern Idaho - drawn to the place where the vibrant green Selkirk Mountains met the vast grassy Rathdrum Prairie. Being an animal lover and a former US Cavalry soldier, he chose this beautiful place to settle, starting the ranch that molded my childhood.


Like all ranches in those days, ours too needed a livestock brand for identification, which was also an effective theft deterrent. From endless combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, my grandparents chose what is now known as the "Flying S".

Why the "Flying S," you ask? Well, the "S" stood for our family name, Sylte. The "wings"... well, those were symbolic. They reflect my grandfather's affinity for dreaming big, fostering a love for adventure and creativity, much like the risk-taking Icarus of the Greek myth.

Now, even though my business is not located in Idaho and has nothing at all to do with cattle or ranching, I carry the spirit and history of it all with me as I go about my life.  So there you go…they’re not horns, they’re wings.

The spirit behind the "Flying S" echoes today in Seattle Sundries' unique, high-quality, delightful creations. Just like the mark that etched its presence all around the ranch, our passion for artistry and high-quality craftsmanship permeates our products, from aromatic handcrafted soaps to creative mugs and accessories.

So, whether you're exploring our distinctive products or diving into an adventurous DIY project with us, know that you're part of a journey that was years in the making! It's not about cattle or ranching, it's about the spirit – sprouting wings for dreams and taking adventures head-on.

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