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Soaps for Every Personality
Soaps for Every Personality Here in the shady Northwest we like to think of Sasquatch as our own friendly, rather illusive, mascot. And if he were looking for a soap for his Saturday bath, we’re sure he’d give our soap...
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Family Camping Essentials List
I was recently reading a blog post that asked for readers’ suggestions for the most essential camping supplies.  It got me pondering this year’s plans, which is a regular January occurrence for me.   I'm the towhead sitting on my dad's lap, 1972. Mom's...
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Spirited Lava Lamp
Lava lamps are cool.  So cool, in fact, that a town here in Washington State is thinking about putting up a 50 foot high lava lamp as a roadside attraction. My brother likes lava lamps a lot.  He's also the crafty, creative, do-it-yourself type...
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