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How To: Easy Fabric Flowers
Spring has finally arrived in Seattle.  Thank heavens!  It's been the most miserably long stretch of wet, cold, windy weather I can remember for a long time.  In honor of Spring (and Mother's Day coming up next week), here's a...
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Cozy Soap
"Does soap get cold?" I was asked this recently at a craft fair. Valid question, since we do sell Soap Sweaters that fit our round bars. Maybe the name 'soap saver' would be more accurate. Seattle Sundries Soap Sweaters are beautifully crocheted by...
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How to: Sewing Sanctuary
January is the month to get organized and I'm an organizing freak. Seriously. I love Storables, The Container Store, Daiso...any place that has a plethora of bins, baskets and containers. After I've gotten a room or an area organized I...
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