Hockey Soap

Hockey Soap

Probably because of the northern latitudes where I’ve lived, I’ve always preferred the cold-climate sports like skiing and ice skating.  It’s a bit surprising that I never had much of a connection with hockey growing up.  There weren’t any rinks or teams near us in North Idaho, so the sum total of my hockey exposure involved playing pick-up games on a frozen Coeur d’Alene or Fernan lake in the wintertime, using a Stick Up air freshener as a puck.  I always loved it though.  I think if I’d been able to play hockey on a real team, I would have gotten sucked in easily.

A few years ago my son was introduced to hockey through a friend whose parents are expat Canadians.  He was hooked, fast.  It’s been so fun for me to watch him over the past six years as his skating skills and strategy have improved exponentially.  I truly enjoy watching the games.  The sport of hockey takes multitasking to a totally new level.  It’s awesome.

Hockey does have a downside though.  It stinks.  Literally.   I’m sure that other sweaty sports are the same, but I’m astounded every time I walk near a locker room (or my son’s hockey gear drying out) at just how fragrant it is.  They work hard on the ice, and they produce the sweat to prove it.  I've been thinking for a while that a hockey soap would be a great idea.  Plus, the round shape of my soaps have often been compared to hockey pucks…so the union was clear.   All I needed was a great, beneficial ingredient that turns the soap a deep hockey-puck shade of black.  Activated charcoal was just the thing.  Add to it the refreshing scent of spearmint and tea tree essential oils and you have a winner!

Slap Shot Soap

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