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How To: Bunny Baskets

My friend Britt did this great Spring craft project with her daughter's second grade class, and she was kind enough to photograph it all for our Skruben Blog.  Enjoy! Cutting woven-heart basket pieces for my daughter's class, I wondered how to adapt the pattern for other holidays. An image of...

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Six Questions for Kids

Language is important on so many levels.  It is, literally, the key that unlocks the door to education in this country.  Without solid language skills and the ability to navigate school and learn there, many future doors to opportunity are never opened. I have spent much of my life working...

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Butterfly Craft Projects

  So, what can you do with the cool butterfly wings from your Butterfly Smooch Stick favors, once the lip balm tube has been removed for use? Don't throw them away!!  My daughters and I came up with a couple of fun craft ideas that would be great for a kids' party....

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