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DIY free pattern tutorial face shield hood fully enclosed
I have been worrying a lot about our re-entry to school and daily life, since there are still so many questions about how contagious and dangerous the COVID-19 virus is. In an attempt to stop wallowing in my worry, I got to work coming up with a pattern for a fully-enclosed fabric and clear plastic face shield.
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How To: Fabric Tape
My crafty friend Britt (who also happens to be a fledgling beekeeper), came up with this great DIY project when she needed some decoration for her lovely honey jars.  Then she was kind enough to let me post the tutorial...
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How to: Marker Art Banner
  I have an amazingly fun (and pretty easy) kid project to share.  It was inspired by a number of different creations I've seen in the blogosphere over the past year that involve permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. You might...
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